eLearning Training Courses

Upskill enables you to build new or convert existing offline training courses online.

The powerful course builder provides a step-by-step structure to building your training course. The course builder is broken down into four main sections:

    The first section collects the core information that will be used to promote and communicate the purpose of the training course.

    This includes information such as the course name, a course description, pricing (if for sale), who the course creators are, who the course is intended for, the relevant course training categories, learner and client testimonials, a course image and any relevant course information pack attachment.

    The second section is where you build out the content of your training course. The course is built in a tree structure where you can add Components and then Sub-Pages to each component. You are also able to build a learner feedback survey to be completed at the end of the course.

    There are no limitations to the number of components and pages your can build and you can enable learners to complete the course in a linear fashion (i.e. component by component, page by page) or freestyle where they can move around the course in any order.

    The content tool itself enables you to load any type of content including:
    - Text
    - Images
    - Image gallery (multiple images)
    - Video upload + Embed YouTube / Vimeo etc code
    - Document upload
    - Insert tables
    - Multimedia / Flash upload
    - PowerPoint embed
    - Quotation feature
    - Audio files

    Each content asset above comes with a range of management features that you can utilise.

    Assessment Options
    In addition, to building the core content of the course you also have access to the Upskill Assessment Tool, which enables you to build unlimited assessment questions/options for your training course.

    Assessment questions are built inline with the course content and links are provided back to the source content when learners incorrectly answer an assessment question.

    Upskill provides a full range of assessment options including automated self-marking questions and also manual marketing assessment options, including:
    - Single select questions
    - Multiple select questions
    - True/False questions
    - Matching pairs / drag and drop questions
    - Freetext answer question
    - File upload answer questions

    For manual marking questions you are able to add specific 'Marker Administrators' who will be responsible for managing these assessments.

    The third section is where you specify how you want the training course to operate and set the management criteria. 

    Upskill provides a comprehensive range of management settings, including:
    - Set course availability dates
    - Manage course licence agreement (These are the terms clients are required to accept when you are selling training licences)
    - Manage validity period for training licences sold (i.e. how long clients have to issue the licences)
    - Manage learner access period (i.e. how long learner have to complete the course from when they are invited)
    - Pass/Fail options: you can set if the course requires a pass mark. This will pull ll of the assessment questions built in the Content Section through into the settings and a mark can be allocated to each questions (plus a marker for manually assessed questions). You can set the required pass mark or % and also how many attempts a learner can have for each question.
    - Assessment Placement: your re able to insert your assessment questions at the end of each component or move all of the questions to the end of the training course.
    - Course auto certification: you have the option to turn on and off the auto-certification feature. This enables you to use either the standard PDF certificate tool or create your own customised certificate design to certify learners who complete your course.
    - Course Administrators: Upskill enables you to add administrators to manage the course including moderators, content and publishing approval processes.
    - Learner terms and privacy policy: these can be copied and pasted into the builder or simply copied from another existing training course
    - Learner enrolment form: Upskill requires just a first name, last name and an email address in order to administer the training course. But you are able to create and add any type of additional enrolment data collection question.
    - Course demonstration: your are able to create a free training course demonstration to enable users to preview your training course. Upskill enables you to select the components and pages of the course that you wish to provide access to in the demonstration and then you can set access as Open (i.e. the user just click on the link and view the course) or you can set up restricted access where the user has to register to get access to the demonstration. You are able to build your own custom registration form and Upskill will automatically send the user their login details when they sign up.
    - Course communications: personalise all of the email communications that are sent to support your training course, such as the invitation and completion emails. You can also set up your own email domain for the sent from email address.
    - Administrator reports: for internal training courses you are also able to set up automated learner expiry reports to be sent to your administrators.

    The fourth and final section of the course builder is for styling your training course. This section provides you with a range of tools to personalise your training course to your brand.

    Upskill is based upon standard templates that ensure a professional and consistent learner experience. The branding tools available include:
    - Add logo
    - Select Font
    - Select primary and secondary colour palette
    - Apply colour palette to content assets (i.e. image gallery, video player etc)

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